The Five Reasons So Many People are Getting Sick

The Five Reasons So Many People are Getting SickMore than 95 per cent of the world’s population is ill, an analysis based on the 2013 Global Burden of Disease Study found. In 2013, two conditions — musculoskeletal problems (like low back pain, neck pain and arthritis) and mental health disorders (mainly depression, anxiety, and drug and alcohol abuse) accounted for nearly half of all loss... Read More »

Foods You Should Avoid With Hypothyroidism

Foods You Should Avoid With HypothyroidismHypothyroidism can be a tricky condition to manage, and what you eat can interfere with your treatment. Some nutrients heavily influence the function of the thyroid gland, and certain foods can inhibit your body’s ability to absorb the replacement hormones you may take as part of your thyroid treatment. Is your diet working against your... Read More »

Is it Memory Loss or Dementia?

When you don’t seem to be remembering things as well as you did in the past, it can be extremely upsetting, even frightening. Facing up to the possibility of memory loss or dementia inevitably shifts your perceptions, relationships, and priorities. But experiencing symptoms of dementia doesn’t have to mean the end of your normal life.... Read More »

Why You Should Start Walking Barefoot

Why You Should Start Walking BarefootGone are the days when walking barefoot was considered a kooky counter-culture trend. Walking barefoot outside in nature has innumerable benefits—it’s relaxing and energizing, and it helps clear your mind of depression, reduce inflammation, and increase volume of antioxidants. One of the more obvious benefits of walking barefoot is that we have a connection to... Read More »

Fibromyalgia – Possibility of Misdiagnosis

Fibromyalgia – Possibility of MisdiagnosisLet’s face it, fibromyalgia is a life altering condition, and it is for very real. It is essentially a syndrome that has its own underlying symptoms. You are said to suffer from this condition when a set of symptoms happen in concert. These symptoms are… Tender points Debilitating fatigue Depression or anxiety Extensive pain Reduced... Read More »

Why Your Grandparents Didn’t Have Thyroid Problems But You Do!

Why Your Grandparents Didn’t Have Thyroid Problems But You Do!Does anyone of you remember of a time when hypothyroidism was unheard of ? Of course not. It was during the times of our grandparents. In the present world, we are too familiar with that condition. Why is that so? We know that there is a huge increase in the number of people affected from thyroid... Read More »

Glutathione – The One Nutrient Everyone Needs!

Glutathione is your body’s most powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent. Doctors have long known the health powers of glutathione and used it in IV form to get the nutrient and absorb it properly. But oral forms weren’t very successful because they were poorly absorbed—the stomach would diligently break down about 90 percent of it, preventing most of... Read More »

Is Raw Milk Really Bad for You?

Is Raw Milk Really Bad for You?Raw milk comes from cows, goats, sheep or other animals that have usually been grass-fed and raised in humane conditions. Raw, unpasteurized milk has nourished man and created strong, able bodies for several thousands of years. It actually benefits your body in many ways and you shouldn’t miss out on all this amazing super food... Read More »

Treat Hypothyroidism Naturally With These Herbs

Hypothyroidism, or low thyroid function, is a silent epidemic. Hypothyroid persons have low body temperatures and metabolism. This results in weight gain, depression, and elevations in cholesterol levels. What’s worse, in most cases, the problem isn’t rooted in the thyroid itself but it’s rooted in an immune system gone awry or in hypothalamic–pituitary–thyroid axis. Therefore, to... Read More »

Feeling Tired, Achy or Foggy? This could be the cause!

Feeling Tired, Achy or Foggy? This could be the cause!What does a stubbed toe or a splinter in a finger have to do with your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, suffering a heart attack or succumbing to colon cancer? More than you might think. As scientists delve deeper into the fundamental causes of those and other illnesses, they are starting to see links to... Read More »

Take Care of Your Heart This Winter

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) is the number one cause of death worldwide. Around 18 million people die each year from CVDs, an estimated 31% of all deaths worldwide. Seasonal variation in morbidity and mortality due to CVDs has been noted in countries both north and south of the equator, with higher incidence rates during the winter than in... Read More »