Diet, Nutrition and Obesity

Things You Can Do Every Day to Prevent Cancer

Things You Can Do Every Day to Prevent CancerFirst, the good news: You probably won’t get cancer. That is, if you have a healthy lifestyle. “As many as 70% of known causes of cancers are avoidable and related to lifestyle,” says Thomas A. Sellers, PhD, associate director for cancer prevention and control at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. Diet, exercise, and avoidance of... Read More »

It’s All About Your Metabolism

It’s All About Your MetabolismDiet plans and books for years have told us that it’s all about calories-in, calories-out. The traditional diet is all about what you can’t have. For real, lasting weight loss, forget about deprivation. Instead, focus on real, whole, nourishing foods, not calories! The right nutrient-dense whole foods, eaten at the right times, truly nourish the... Read More »

How to Heal Cavities Naturally

How to Heal Cavities NaturallyThe world is slowly waking up to the fact that, when you give the body what it needs, it can heal things we previously thought were impossible. A fine example of what is often deemed as an incurable health problem is dental cavities, but extensive research is now becoming more public about the true nature... Read More »

5 Reasons Goitrogens Are NOT Bad For Your Thyroid

5 Reasons Goitrogens Are NOT Bad For Your ThyroidIf you have hypothyroidism you’ve probably been told to avoid goitrogens in the form of cruciferous vegetables. Knowing how to eat in order to relieve symptoms associated with hypothyroidism can be tricky business. There is so much contradictory information that people usually give up before they even begin. One such nutrition topic in the context... Read More »

Boost Your Glutathione Production Naturally

Boost Your Glutathione Production NaturallyWith so many man-made chemicals being released into our atmosphere, waterways, foods and medications today, you might wonder how your body even knows what to do with them. Relentless toxic exposures, poor diets, medication overuse, chronic stress and insufficient exercise compound our toxic burden and whittle away our reserves of energy and resistance. Fortunately, your body... Read More »

Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Lose Weight The Healthy WayYou’re 10, 20, 30 or more pounds overweight and you’ve dieted, on and off, for years. You’ve lost weight and then put it back on and more. Why? Diets don’t work. Today we know diets don’t work. Even Weight Watchers says so. Restricting calories again and again alters your metabolism. That’s why so many people put... Read More »

8 Signs and Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

8 Signs and Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects between 6–18% of people worldwide. This condition involves changes in frequency or form of bowel movements and lower abdominal pain. Diet, stress, poor sleep and changes in gut bacteria may all trigger symptoms. However, triggers are different for each person, making it difficult to name specific foods or stressors that everyone... Read More »

Milk, Meat and Sugar – The villains in your kitchen!

Milk, Meat and Sugar – The villains in your kitchen!When you go to buy a pair of shoes you spend at least a few minutes checking out the fit, comfort and safety factors. When you go to buy a car you put in so much research about the safety features amongst other factors. So why is that we tend to bother about safety features in everything... Read More »

The Many Health Benefits of Raw Honey

The Many Health Benefits of Raw HoneyThe average American consumes more than 150 pounds of refined sugar, plus an additional 62 pounds of high fructose corn syrup every year. In comparison, we consume only around 1.3 pounds of per year on average in the U.S. According to new research, if you can switch out your intake of refined sugar and use pure raw honey... Read More »

The Role of Vitamin B-12 in Thyroid Health

The Role of Vitamin B-12 in Thyroid HealthYour personal wellness and the efficiency at which your body operates is a direct result of the quality and completeness of the nutrients you consume. Complete nutrition promotes complete wellness, nutritional deficiencies result in wellness deficiencies. Energy levels and metabolism are some of the most noticeable status indicators of wellness. To encourage both to be... Read More »

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