Endocrine Disorders

Learn how to deal with Auto-immune Conditions with natural herbs, supplements, diet, yoga and other techniques.

Hypothyroidism Diet Plan & Natural Remedies

Hypothyroidism Diet Plan & Natural RemediesHypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland is underactive and doesn’t properly make or release thyroid hormones. This can happen due to poor diet, gut inflammation, genetics, stress, lack of exercise, or due to an autoimmune endocrine disorder (Hashimoto’s). However, a hypothyroidism diagnosis is not a death sentence! There are many ways to... Read More »

Healing Your Liver Can Heal Your Thyroid

Healing Your Liver Can Heal Your ThyroidThe frustrated hypothyroidism sufferer is completely focused on their thyroid as the problem. They can’t take a step back and see that there’s more to it than that. And to be honest, if that’s you, it’s not your fault. They don’t teach this stuff in medical school. Heck, most endocrinologists don’t even know this. The... Read More »

5 Reasons Goitrogens Are NOT Bad For Your Thyroid

5 Reasons Goitrogens Are NOT Bad For Your ThyroidIf you have hypothyroidism you’ve probably been told to avoid goitrogens in the form of cruciferous vegetables. Knowing how to eat in order to relieve symptoms associated with hypothyroidism can be tricky business. There is so much contradictory information that people usually give up before they even begin. One such nutrition topic in the context... Read More »

12 Signs of Thyroid Gland Imbalance

12 Signs of Thyroid Gland ImbalanceMost of the time, when we feel something a little funny in our bodies, we simply shake it off: “It’s just a cold, allergies, or age,” we tell ourselves. Sometimes this is true. But more often than we expect, these seemingly innocent problems can indicate bigger medical issues — like how lightheadedness could be a sign... Read More »

How to Reduce Your Diabetes Risk

How to Reduce Your Diabetes RiskThere are no lifestyle changes that can lower your risk of type 1 diabetes. But type 2 diabetes is often linked to being overweight. That means there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing it.  Around 90% of people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes. If you maintain a healthy weight,... Read More »

Thyroid disease may be the reason you feel so bad

Thyroid disease may be the reason you feel so badThyroid disease is an under-recognized problem that can profoundly affect your day-to-day life. Getting the right treatment can be so transformative that patients will often say, “I didn’t realize how bad I was feeling for all of those years.” Researchers estimate that thyroid disease affects as many as 10% of adults in the United States. Yet... Read More »

The Role of Vitamin B-12 in Thyroid Health

The Role of Vitamin B-12 in Thyroid HealthYour personal wellness and the efficiency at which your body operates is a direct result of the quality and completeness of the nutrients you consume. Complete nutrition promotes complete wellness, nutritional deficiencies result in wellness deficiencies. Energy levels and metabolism are some of the most noticeable status indicators of wellness. To encourage both to be... Read More »

The Connection Between Your Thyroid and Your Weight

The Connection Between Your Thyroid and Your WeightOne of the most important parts of our bodies is also one of the smallest ones. The thyroid, butterfly-shaped gland on the front of the neck below the Adam’s apple, releases hormones that have a huge impact on metabolism and weight control, among other processes. Problem with weight – usually gaining extra pounds and having... Read More »

5 Early Signs of Diabetes

5 Early Signs of DiabetesMany people who develop type 2 diabetes have no idea they’re sick until a blood test shows abnormal blood sugar levels, or until their disease progresses and serious complications start to occur. For the most part, diabetes is silent and insidious, says Ronald Tamler, MD, director of the Mount Sinai Clinical Diabetes Institute. Most of... Read More »

Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Balance Your Hormones Naturally“It’s not me, it’s my hormones!” Our hormones cop the blame for SO many of our ups and downs in life. Instinctively, we know that they have a powerful influence over the functioning of our bodies, but often we downplay the impact they have on our capacity to feel calm, cope, be happy – even... Read More »

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