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The Many Health Benefits of Raw Honey

The Many Health Benefits of Raw HoneyThe average American consumes more than 150 pounds of refined sugar, plus an additional 62 pounds of high fructose corn syrup every year. In comparison, we consume only around 1.3 pounds of per year on average in the U.S. According to new research, if you can switch out your intake of refined sugar and use pure raw honey... Read More »

30 is the new 45: Today’s adults getting diseases 15 years faster than their grandparents

30 is the new 45: Today’s adults getting diseases 15 years faster than their grandparentsAs vaccines pump the population full of mercury and thimerosal, as genetically modified crops alter human DNA, as bisphenol-A in plastics and Can linings alter the hormonal structure of the human body, as pesticides pollute the land and water, more people are experiencing disease sooner in their life. According to new findings, people today are... Read More »

Is Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Allergies?

Is Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Allergies?Vitamin D serves multiple important functions for the immune system. For instance, it acts to stimulate the immune system against various infections, such as tuberculosis, and may help prevent certain types of cancer, or even autoimmune diseases, like multiple sclerosis. In addition, studies suggest that vitamin D may play an important role in the prevention of various allergic... Read More »

Frequent Urination: Causes and Treatment

Frequent Urination: Causes and TreatmentFrequent urination is an inconvenient condition that can affect both men and women. It can disrupt one’s normal routine, interrupt the sleep cycle, and it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Most people urinate between 6 and 7 times over a 24-hour period. Urinary frequency can be defined as needing to urinate... Read More »

5 Health Problems Linked to Low Vitamin-D

5 Health Problems Linked to Low Vitamin-DYou probably know that the primary source of vitamin D is right outside your door and up in the sky. The sun helps synthesize vitamin D in the skin — promoting the growth of strong muscles and bones, lowering blood pressure, easing fibromyalgia pain, preventing allergic diseases, and slowing the progression of multiple sclerosis. But just... Read More »

Things Your Poop Says About You

Things Your Poop Says About YouUnless you’re a toddler in the throes of potty training, we’re going to guess you don’t spend much time talking about your poop. Or even acknowledge that they happen. But here’s why you might want to give your #2 a glance before you flush: It’s actually one of the best clues you have to your... Read More »

7 Signs You Might Have Eye Cataracts

7 Signs You Might Have Eye CataractsEye cataracts, an eye condition that affects about one in six Americans past the age of 40, is one of the most common eye disorders in the world. Cataracts are a cloudy or opaque area on the crystalline lens of the eye that develops over time. Despite being so common, most cataract cases aren’t caught... Read More »

5 Early Signs of Diabetes

5 Early Signs of DiabetesMany people who develop type 2 diabetes have no idea they’re sick until a blood test shows abnormal blood sugar levels, or until their disease progresses and serious complications start to occur. For the most part, diabetes is silent and insidious, says Ronald Tamler, MD, director of the Mount Sinai Clinical Diabetes Institute. Most of... Read More »

The GROUND ZERO of Most Health Disorders

The GROUND ZERO of Most Health DisordersYou’ve probably heard that increasing the diversity of your gut microbes is a good thing. You’ve maybe even taken different formulas of probiotics. Maintaining a proper ratio of good spores in your gut is crucial for maintaining good gut health and a strong immune system. That’s a big reason why many people take probiotics for... Read More »

14 Ways to Cleanse the Body from Environmental Toxins

14 Ways to Cleanse the Body from Environmental ToxinsFrom the chemtrails being sprayed over our neighborhoods to the poisons killing our bees and making our food toxic ‘medicine’ we need a way to purge the deadly elixirs of a greedy government, owned and run by corporate interests. For the sake of keeping your attention, I won’t go on ad nauseum about fluoridated water,... Read More »

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