Complete Management Of An Underactive Thyroid

Complete Management Of An Underactive Thyroid

The thyroid gland regulates metabolism, heart, muscle, and brain functions. When you have low levels of thyroid hormones, you can have major consequences. Your body can run into problems with heart failure, osteoporosis, low heart rate, dementia, muscle pain, joint pain and more.

Hypothyroidism can be a serious condition if not managed properly. Complete management of an underactive thyroid includes hormone replacement therapy (Synthroid or desiccated thyroid), proper diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep.

It’s not easy, but it’s doable. One step at a time.

Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Hypothyroidism is usually treated with synthetic thyroid hormone. But if that does’nt improve your energy level, then you should try Desiccated Thyroid, or a pill that contains both T3 and T4. 


Most doctors prefer synthetic thyroid hormones because animal thyroid pills are not purified, which means that they contain substances that aren’t naturally found in humans. While desiccated thyroid contains both T4 and T3, the balance of T4 and T3 in animals is not the same as in humans, so the hormones in animal thyroid pills aren`t necessarily ‘natural’ for the human body. Some believe that doctors only choose to prescribe synthetic hormones because it gives more money to the large pharmaceutical companies. There are very strong opinions for either side of the argument, but at the end of the day it is wise to choose whichever option shows the best results.

Best Diet for an Underactive Thyroid

To manage hypothyroidism, you must be prepared to make some dietary changes.

From what current research can tell us, the best diet for an underactive thyroid is one that contains whole foods, is high in protein, and naturally rich in iodine and selenium. That means eating more nuts, vegetables, and seafood, and only using supplements if natural foods are not an option.

Most patients report improvement with a thyroid supplement too, but if you consistently eat a healthy and wholesome diet they are unnecessary. If you still want to try one however, see this Thyroid Support Supplement. It contains both selenium and iodine for thyroid health, as well as vitamin B12 for improved energy levels. Additionally, it is one of the few available that is 100% vegetarian.

Cabbage, broccoli and other related vegetables are safe if cooked well, while gluten is best limited or cut out completely- depending on your tolerance.

Regular Exercise – Cardio and Strength

For people with hypothyroidism, exercise can offer a natural antidote to symptoms such as weight gain, depression, muscle loss and low energy levels. Exercise also boosts mood and energy levels. Hyperthyroidism can cause sleeplessness and low energy levels, both of which may be lessened with regular exercise.

Strength exercise raises your metabolism and increases lean muscle mass, helping you burn more calories. Regular aerobic exercise on other hand can boost levels of T4 and T3, helping people who have low levels of hormones in the thyroid.

Get Adequate Sleep

Hypothyroidism also prevents the deepest, most important sleep, Dr. Rosenberg says. This may be another contributor to daytime fatigue in people with hypothyroidism, he says. About 30 percent of people with hypothyroidism have sleep apnea.

Here are some tips you can try for better sleep:

  • Keep your bedroom dark and cover all bright or flashing lights. Darkness helps with natural melatonin production.
  • Take a warm bath, read a favorite book or listen to relaxing music.
  • Avoid large meal close to bedtime. If you’re struggling with sleep problems, avoid spicy dishes and foods or drinks with caffeine, such as chocolate or coffee.
  • One of the biggest contributors to sleep problems is stress, and people tend to think about stressful situations instead of closing their eyes when they climb into bed. Practicing relaxation techniques like meditation can help.

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