How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs?

This problem also has its symptoms similar to those of razor bumps where the skin swells due to angular cutting of the facial hair and they become pointed and pricks back. The “Ingrown Hair” basically means a hair which is grown inside and not outside. Surprised!! How is that possible? Well actually when we resort to shaving, waxing or other hair removal methods, they actually remove the hair from beneath the skin keeping the roots intact. Now as the roots are there, obviously the hair will grow, but sometimes during this process they get trapped by the skin layer and cause paining and swelling similar to razor bumps. It looks really complicated but actually there are specific methods with the help of which you can get rid of ingrown hair without even visiting a salon or any specialized dermatologist too.

We all know that hair comes out through the hair follicles on the skin. When you feel that you are having an ingrown hair, take a warm bath immediately. This actually makes the skin soft and opens the pores through which hair comes out. Once the hair follicles are open you can very easily remove the ingrown hair. You can also resort to exfoliating the skin with mild facial scrubbers as they are found to work fantastic for removing cells and ingrown hair too. But be really soft during scrubbing as excessive scrubbing can worsen the scenario an increase the inflammation. You can also use a pair of tweezers to get rid of ingrown hair but don’t forget to sanitize with alcohol before using. Let it dry and then carefully try pulling the skin and it may help the ingrown hair to come out of the skin surface.

Finally you be equally carefully so that you don’t spread any infection on your body. Try using an anti-septic spray such as Lanacane near the affected area. They make the skin redness comparatively lower too. In any case, if the symptoms still persist it is better to consult an expert dermatologist as he/she will have experience solving these problems effectively.

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