Natural Thyroid Medications at Risk

Thyroid is the most important hormone in our body; as almost every aspect of health is affected by thyroid function. When thyroid hormone is deficient, you experience fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, impaired memory, adult onset ADHD, cold, thinning of hair, thinning or loss of outer edges of eyebrows, difficulty concentrating, poor sleep quality, menstrual irregularities, dry skin, anxiety, nightmares, increased levels of bad cholesterol, and muscle and joint pains.


Patients with hypothyroidism generally need lifelong thyroid replacement therapy. The replacement hormone usually prescribed by doctors is synthroid (Synthetic T4) produced by Big Pharma Companies. To be of any help, this T4 must be converted to T3, and many of us cannot do this efficiently.

Natural desiccated thyroid on other hand provides not only T4, but also T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin, which helps normalize hormone response. An important study published in 1999 in NEJM found that patients with hypothyroidism had greater improvements in brain function & mood when receiving natural thyroid rather than Synthroid (thyroxine).

This is the reason why several hypothyroid patients prefer natural, desiccated thyroid extract, or DTE (NDT), to T4-only preparations. But this patient preference for natural thyroid medications did not come as welcome news to the Big Pharma.


Natural thyroid is not only more effective but it is also more economical thyroid replacement medication. Selling prices for synthetic thyroid run around $40 for 30 tablets (100mcg), whereas Natural thyroid goes for around $20 for 30 tablets (60mg). (100mcg of Synthroid is equivalent to 60mg of Natural thyroid.)

Synthroid was the number one most prescribed drug in year 2015, bringing in $1,022,330,738 in sales to Big Pharma. Natural thyroid, therefore represent a threat to them.


Between Year 2009-10, FDA sent notices to several manufacturers of desiccated thyroid resulting in a shortage of US-made desiccated powder. The availability issues continue till date and hypothyroid patients are left with few options to get natural thyroid.

But not anymore, You can now buy Thyrovanz (Natural Desiccated Thyroid) in US which is classed as a whole food dietary supplement in United States and does not need a prescription.

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